Apr 18

Treat Your Feet Right!

Le’ts face it, our feet are extremely important to us.  They carry us for our entire lives.  It’s quite obvious then how important it is in the fitness arena to find an appropriate pair of shoes.

Its a good idea to buy athletic shoes at a store that specializes in them.  You will find a greater selection and sales people who know and understand shoes.  There are all types of shoes: running, cross training, track, basketball, walking, etc..  Each are constructed to handle and support the type of motion involved in each specific activity.Lets take a look at running shoes.  There are many of them to attract our attention, but here are some helpful ideas when choosing a pair.1.  Understand your foot motion.  does your foot pronate (roll inward) or over pronate (rolls too far inward).  Knee issues are common among over pronators.  Underpronation is when you run on the outer edge of your foot.  Also be mindful of the degree of arch in your foot.  A shoe expert can help determine which shoe is the best for your foot.  The best shoe for you is the one that fits you best and feels most comfortable.
2.  How much running and what type of surface you run on can play a role in which shoe you want.  Also inform the sales person of prior injuries or concerns when choosing a running shoe.

3.  Pay attention to the fit of the shoe.  The heel should be snug to avoid slippage.  Try on running shoes later in the day when your feet are a bit swollen because typically this happens when you run.  There should be a thumbnail width between the top of the longest toe and top of the shoe.  Its a good idea to test run your shoe in the store to see if it is comfortable for you.  Always buy a quality shoe- your body will thank you!

4.  It’s good to replace your shoes after 500 miles of running to make sure they have proper cushioning and stability for your feet.

5.  It is a good idea to purchase two pairs of shoes.  Switching between two pairs allows the shoes to bounce back fully from the compression that running can cause.

Quality shoes are extremely important for all fitness activities to help reduce injuries and make our fitness experience more enjoyable!

-Janel Rodahl